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Does this sound a bit like you? You know what you want your wedding to look like. But the problem is - You are not sure how to get there or where to start?

I’ve worked with 100’s of brides who struggled with the Pinterest overwhelm, the well-meaning advice and the endless to-do lists. Wedding planning books that offered to help but only seemed to add more anxiety and frustration to an already overloaded mind.

It doesn’t have to be that way – it’s not as complicated as it may seem. Yes, there are lots of things to do to put your Dream Wedding together. I’d be crazy to tell you anything different. But you can do this and keep your sanity -  you just need a good road map.

Check out my new book Get Wedding Ready, in Kindle and Print versions. It will take what all those other self-help wedding planning books are telling you and put it into a down-to-earth, easy to follow plan. If you’re thinking of doing most of your own planning, this book is for you. This will definitely get you sorted and on the right path as well as help you think about what you are capable of doing.

$2.99 US Kindle, $9.99 US Paperback

Tip of the Week

Eat and Drink A Lot – Week/ Day-of

Many brides do not take the time to eat and hydrate themselves enough. Huge mistake!
Forget the hassle and enjoy your meal, enjoy your appetizers and other small treats. You order nice things to please your guests, enjoy them too!

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Nancy Curtis - Author

Nancy Curtis is a Certified Wedding Planner, online coach and author of her new book Get Wedding Ready – 6 Simple Steps to Get You Down the Aisle & Keep You Sane.

With nearly 3 decades of wedding planning and helping 100‘s of couples get down the aisle, Nancy has a uniquely humourous way of sharing her knowledge and expertise that cuts through the clutter of wedding planning. 

She owns Plan it Perfectly Weddings, has been featured in many local publications and television interviews and a recipient of several volunteer awards. Until recently, she ran one of the area’s largest wedding shows. Before owning her own business, she worked in a number of sectors including mental health, tourism/hospitality and politics. But helping a bride solve a problem is her ultimate high.


Guest List Tips

The number of guests you have at your wedding affects everything you do as you make your plans. 

Here are 2 Free downloads that have lots of helpful tips on cutting your wedding guest list and staying within budget. 

           7 Questions to Ask to Manage your Guest List

          5 Quick Tips for Trimming your Wedding Guest List 

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